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Training techniques to improve reaction time in boxing

Updated on Jun 27, 2024
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Have you ever wondered how to improve reaction time in boxing?

Reaction time is the single most important thing that ensures success in a sport like boxing. It varies from person to person.

Luckily, you can increase this time and improve your reflexes with some effective drills.

How to improve reflexes for boxing?

Here are some boxing reaction drills that can drastically improve your reaction time, as well as your game.

Slow sparring

Slow sparring is a great boxing reaction training. It means to make the motions of boxing without throwing heavy punches in a slow manner.

The first thing for having a great response time is understanding the way the stimulus reaction system of the body naturally works. And that’s where slow sparring can help.

Once this understanding is developed, boxers can position themselves in a better way to improve their reaction time to a stimulus.

Are you still wondering how to improve reflexes for fighting? The next techniques can help.

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Focus mitts

Another great way for boxers to improve the way they react and learn new skills is practicing boxing in slow motion on focus mitts.

As the boxer has to repeat the same motion hundreds of times on the focus mitt, it gets hard wired in the brain, allowing them to almost involuntarily respond to the stimulus in their next fight.

Shadowbox sparring

In this boxing drill, the goal of the boxer is to spar their opponent without touching them. This is a great way of learning how the opponent can react to their offensive or defensive moves. This training helps the boxer prepare their counter-reaction quickly.

Double-end bag

Double-end bags are some of the best tools for improving the speed, reaction time, reflexes, and reaction time of boxers. The bag mimics a dynamic target, helping the boxer learn how to defend themselves and attack at the same time.

With repeated hits, the bag starts moving fast, and the boxer has no option other than reacting the fastest they can.

High volume training with the double-end bag can be a quick way to improve reaction time.