Job Description for a Controller

Who are we?

BlazePod is an exciting start-up at the intersection of technology and sports, dedicated to revolutionizing the way athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers enhance their performance. Our pioneering system, a synergy of advanced technology and user-centric design, offers dynamic, interactive training experiences. With BlazePod, athletes, fitness aficionados, and coaches are equipped to achieve peak performance, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in sports and fitness.

Why BlazePod?

Embark on a journey with BlazePod, a beacon of innovation at the crossroads of technology and athletics. We're not just a company; we're a revolution in training, transforming the prowess of athletes worldwide through our groundbreaking fusion of hardware and software. Our mission? To empower individuals to unlock their ultimate potential, reshaping the landscape of sports and fitness with our state-of-the-art training solutions.

Your impact:

Global Responsibility: The role demands responsibility for financial closings at a global scale, including the parent company, subsidiaries. This indicates a high level of complexity and the need for a broad understanding of international finance and accounting standards (US GAAP).
Statutory Taxation: A part of the job involves preparing statutory financial statements and managing tax filings across multiple jurisdictions (Israel, US, and Europe). This requires specialized knowledge in international tax regulations and compliance.


Working with external auditors and advisors on audits, accounting, and economic matters suggests a need for strong communication skills and the ability to manage and maintain professional relationships.
Financial Operations Management: Overseeing financial operations, including: collection, AR, AP, CF in different regions, requires operational excellence and the ability to navigate different financial systems and processes.
Strategic Planning: The responsibility to assist quarterly and yearly budgets aligned with the company's strategy and goals indicates a role that is not just about managing numbers but also about understanding and contributing to the company's strategic direction.
Policy and Procedure Implementation: Implementing and maintaining accounting policies, procedures, and internal controls.
Ad-hoc Analysis and Problem-Solving: The requirement to assist in ad hoc requests, including implementing new systems in an organization for automation, scenario analysis,, requires a candidate who is versatile, analytical.


  • CPA, degree in accounting.
  • 2-4 years of experience as a controller / assistant controller in a global organization, experience with inventory - must.
  • US-GAAP experience – advantage.
  • Previous experience in one of the “big 4” accounting firms.
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal, communication and critical thinking skills.
  • Experience with Priority ERP - must.
  • Efficient and creative problem-solver, comfortable with ambiguity, complexity.
  • Hard working and motivated.
  • Highest standards of accuracy and precision; highly organized and detail-oriented.
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment while handling multiple projects.
  • Able to work independently and under pressure.
  • Great attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
  • Strong MS Excel skills; proficient in all MS Office applications.
  • Fluent English and Hebrew.