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4 boxing key skills to improve reaction light training

Updated on Jul 16, 2024
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The importance of reaction time and reflexes in boxing is something you’d write an entire book on. Ultimately, your defense can’t be 100% perfect. But a split-second reaction is what differentiates a would-be knockout from a punch to the arm.

Being fast at blocking punches is only one part of the equation, though. You should also be quick to recognize openings in your opponent’s guard and land effective punches efficiently.

Why You Should Improve Your Reaction Time in Boxing

When you come down to it, what makes a great athlete in boxing isn’t the ability to react (everybody does that) but responding correctly.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use boxing reaction lights to improve your reaction speed as a boxer;

  1. It makes you unpredictable for your opponent.
  2. Speed comes with power. Speed adds energy to your punches, increasing your knockout potential.
  3. Lightning-quick reaction speed will often get you out of trouble.
  4. Excellent reaction time maximizes your offensive and defensive strategies.

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How Blazepod Boxing Reflex Bar with Lights Boosts Your Reaction Speed in Boxing

A boxing bar with lights (made by attaching boxing reflex lights to a box bar) is a tried and tested method of building athletes’ reaction speed and improving their overall performance in the ring.

Here are mental skills that a boxing bar with light up targets develops when used correctly and consistently;

Goal setting- Blazepod boxing training lights help your boxers set a goal on what they want to achieve during the training. Achieving these short-term and long-term goals outside the ring boosts their motivation and confidence giving them a competitive edge.

Increases focus and discipline- mistakes are inevitable when boxing. However, remaining focussed, disciplined, and determined will help you find peace in chaos. This is necessary for thinking logically and making intelligent choices.

Mental toughness- the Blazepod reflex system comes in the form of fun but challenging light-based drills. You can use the pods to create sophisticated workout routines that will train your athletes to remain tough mentally and physically in all circumstances.

Self-improvement- the best trainers and boxers never stop learning and improving their skills. For that reason, the Blazepod App allows you to add more drills down the road.

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