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The Ultimate Guide to Football Training Equipment

Train like the best, be the best.
By Timna Katz
Updated on Jun 13, 2024
4 mins read

Games are won on the pitch, but skills are fought for in training. Any footballer, coach, or club knows that professional glory is an uphill battle, and only those consistent enough to push themselves reap the benefits.

To train effectively, players need access to up-to-date equipment that drives them to run faster, fight for opportunities, and outmaneuver the competition. Naturally, the classic nets, ladders, and poles are the tools all teams need to polish their skills. However, while these ‘classic’ gears and kits push players to improve physically, the progress doesn’t advance further.

In football, peak performance requires balancing physical form and cognitive agility. While physical training builds strength, speed, and endurance, cognitive training hones the brain's ability to process information quickly. This includes sharper visual scanning of the pitch, players’ ability to anticipate opponent moves, faster reading of plays, and the ability to make split-second decisions.

BlazePod’s Reactive intelligence-enhancing technology fuses physical performance with cognitive sharpening to create the optimal athlete. It is engaging and easy to use. But why stop there? Pair BlazePod with regular training equipment to unlock endless exercise possibilities and make training the highlight of your players’ day.

To be the best of the best begins in training. Whether you are coaching the local children’s team or in the Premier League, here is the best football training equipment to get your team to the top of the division:

1. PodBase

Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women's World Cup champion Mia Hamm once said, “Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.”

From Premier League pros to kickabouts with your mates, everyone knows improvement starts on the pitch. Fresh air, the sweet scent of cut grass, and endless space to hone your skills – that's where the magic happens.

Combining BlazePod’s cognitive lighting technology with outdoor training builds the complete player - stamina, endurance, and tactical awareness are zeroed in all at once. Incorporate PodBases into any drill to stabilize the Pods and create a sturdy foundation in any weather conditions - rain, hail, or wind - train anywhere, anytime.

The PodBase isn't just about keeping your Pods secure. It enhances the Pod’s tap sensitivity, making reactions even more precise. This powerful duo ensures your training is stable and responsive, providing conclusive, clear, and data-backed results. The PodBases’ high-visibility design ensures players see every light cue, maximizing reaction time and minimizing confusion.

The best football training equipment doesn’t need to be complicated, just practical. BlazePod’s gear isn't about bells and whistles but results. The innovative training system gets you laser-focused on the metrics that matter, not on complicated setups.

2. Functional Adapter

Traditional training tools like rebounders and passing walls will always serve their purpose in practice, but coaches can go beyond that. Mannequins are a great learning tool for impersonating players and scanning skills on their own. Combined with the Functional Adapter and Pods strapped to it, players have eye-level visual cues, coaches can set time limits to turn up the heat, and you can even position the Pod light mannequins to play outside during a sunny day.

With the flexibility the Functional Adapter offers, the BlazePod app allows you to create customized drills to fit your team’s needs. Then, push them to their limits with the Leaderboard and Benchmark features. Motivate your team to be competitive in training and analyze data-driven insights to help you identify areas for improvement.

Training outdoors? Strap the Functional Adapter to a rebounder. Relegated to a small indoor space to warm up? The suction cups mean you can take your football light training equipment anywhere and use it however you like. Testing shooting? Tether it a goal post and simultaneously challenge your player’s physical and cognitive skills.

It’s easy to forget about the goalie, but the Functional Adapter keeps them in the loop. In addition to a handful of goalkeeper-specific football exercises, the ‘Charge Out’ drill keeps goalies engaged and challenged with a Pod strapped to the crossbar. They’ll build crucial stamina and hone their spatial awareness as they sprint back and forth to hit the Pod.

3. Cone

Understanding the purpose behind each drill is where the player thrives. Just like a great coach, exercise equipment helps players decode the drill. At its simplest, cones enable players to practice complicated maneuvers, improve their aim, and get whipped into shape.

Go beyond training with a regular cone and combine it with BlazePod’s light-reactive technology to simulate gameplay situations and ensure players are prepared for any situation. With the Cone Adapter and an XL Cone, connect your football training lights to weighted-base compatible cones and create the ideal performance drills. With the weighted base and high visibility of the XL Cone, design warm-ups, game-simulated drills, and competitive team sessions that challenge, motivate, and keep players eager to return for more training. No obstacle, competition, or trick feels unbeatable if it’s been trained in a variety of different, dynamic, and engaging ways, making training never dull.

Sharpening his reactive skills for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Mexican goalie Guillermo Ochoa incorporated BlazePod’s cone equipment into his training. This dedication certainly paid off during the penalty shootout against Poland, where his saves secured him the Man of the Match award.

By connecting the cones to real-game situations and providing visual lighting stimuli, players can learn to think on their feet and sharpen decision-making skills that translate directly to the pitch. Lightweight, portable, easy-to-use, and fun exercise equipment helps players hone dribbling, scanning, and spatial awareness.

By purchasing the Cone Adapter and XL Cone Duo to connect the Pods, BlazePod users can use tens of different challenges and customize in-app drills that suit their training needs. From the ‘Agility X Dribble’ drill to ‘Slalom and Shoot,’ experience a wide range of challenges that push players to be smarter, more agile, and the best players they can be.


Elevate reaction time, enhance precision, and gain confidence on the pitch with the best, affordable, and reliable football training equipment. Games may win championships, but training builds the champions.