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Five sports that require quick reaction time

Updated on Mar 11, 2024
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There can hardly be a sport in which thinking quickly and acting fast is not required for winning.

In fact, there are numerous instances in sports when winning or losing depends on a few milliseconds, making every fraction of the second crucial.

Here are some reaction time sports in which a player’s chances of winning entirely depend on their reaction speed.

Racket sports

One of the most popular examples of sports that use reaction time is racket sport. These include squash, tennis, table tennis, and badminton.

Reaction time in these sports is important because the ball (or the shuttle) moves at incredible speeds, and the player has a few milliseconds to respond.

Only the players with excellent reaction time can succeed at such sports.


Hockey is another example of the games where reaction time is the thing that can make you win or lose.

With 22 players on the pitch and the ball crossing 100mph, it is imperative that the players respond to the game conditions as fast as possible, or they’ll make their team lose.

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Boxing and Martial Arts

Both boxing and martial arts involve players to anticipate and react to their opponent's attacks that might be thrown at them from any direction and at any speed.

If a player fails to react swiftly, their chances of winning get very low.


In soccer, the players have to avoid colliding with other players, move the ball around quickly, and respond to the changing direction of the ball in a matter of milliseconds.

The goalie has the lowest time to react at just 0.3 seconds.

In short, a player with a weak kick may be able to play soccer, but one with slow reaction time has no chance at it.

Motor Sports

This one should come with no surprise in a list of sports that require quick reaction time.

When the ball moves at 100mph, being quick is necessary to win the game, but when driving a $15 million car at 200 mph, reaction time can be the deciding factor between life and death or damage amounting to millions.

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