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How BlazePod is revolutionizing tennis training and workouts

Updated on Feb 07, 2024
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How BlazePod is revolutionizing tennis training and workouts
How BlazePod is revolutionizing tennis training and workouts

Technology is transforming how athletes across the sports industry train and play. Tennis has not been left behind in this respect. Tennis coaches, trainers, and players are now embracing technology in their training to become the next big thing.

Flash reflex training system- with Blazepod at the front- is one piece of equipment that’s revolutionizing the way tennis players exercise. This light-based technology focuses on a vast array of physical and mental attributes that make a better tennis player.

  1. Ball reading- the Blazepod App and pod kit enhances your players’ ability to read the incoming ball to make the perfect judgment in terms of the ball’s speed, height, depth, and spin. With proper ball reading, the player can gather all the information necessary for fast and efficient returns.
  2. Footwork and hand speed- agility or quickness is another crucial component that the Blazepod tennis pod system helps improve on. While excellent ball-reading is vital, you probably understand that suboptimal foot and hand speed will affect every shot in your players’ repertoires. Blazepod has a wealth of preloaded tennis-specific exercises that develop burst speed, acceleration, and braking power. Most of these exercises tend to combine footwork and hand speed, developing well-rounded players who are tough on both attack and defense.
  3. Coordination- if you’re training beginners and young talented tennis players, hand-eye coordination will be among other major benefits that they will get from using Blazepod. You could ask, “why do tennis players need coordination?״
    The reason is simple: hand-eye coordination is what syncs all other critical tennis skills. Coordination when playing tennis is about being spatially aware of ‘where the ball is likely to be’ to perform optimal forehand and backhand strokes. An optimal tennis stroke involves heating the incoming ball at the ideal strike zone on the racquet, finishing the shot (following through), and anticipating your opponent’s action.
  4. Fun factor- on the court and off, tennis is all about having fun. The major obstacle that hinders tennis players from unlocking their full potential during workouts is fear of being judged, fear of not keeping up, and fear of failure. At Blazepod, we understand that having fun during exercises is the easiest way to counter fear. That’s why we have tennis-specific drills designed to make your workouts more fun than scary.

Importantly, remind your players that a good racquet is just as important as having the right skills. Different types of racquets cater to different game styles. Thus, they should invest some time in a tennis racquet quiz to ensure that they are getting the most suitable racquet for their style of play and experience level.